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Our Method

Identity - Position - Agency - Biography

These are the theoretical elements identified when developing the signature I.P.A.B system to explore, investigate and record your memories through the souvenirs.  Whilst family photo albums are a great place to start, there can be many other souvenirs that can be rewarding to investigate as described below.

On the day of the booking, we will arrive with scanning and photography equipment to document the selection of souvenirs that have been chosen by you as a starting point. We will also bring audio equipment to record the memories as they reveal themselves.

On completion, digital living photographs will be created as we blend the audio with the images. We supply these to you through Dropbox/USB which can be shared to family and friends anywhere in the world. These stories of us, for us, will never be forgotten!


When thinking of what a souvenir is, and what to select, there could be so many objects around the home that might not seem obvious as first. Stories can be found in clothing, furniture, letters, jewellery and books. Why not check the back shed or under the stairs for the things that gather dust. You never know what you might have hidden away from the past that has a story to tell us. So much can be found when you start exploring.

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What We Do

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